NIU N Series waterproof leg cover

NIU Bristol, UK offers original NIU accessories for all its NIU N-series e-mopeds.

NIU Scooters & Mopeds are the worlds leading electric motorcycle with over 600,000 sold worldwide.

Easy to ride, very quiet battery-powered and no more exhaust fumes.

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  • niu storage box

    Original Big NIU Storage Box (N and M Series)

    Large 29Ltr NIU Tail box which can easily hold your crash helmet. Comes in various colours to match your NIU Scooter.

  • NIU N Series waterproof leg cover

    NIU N-Series waterproof leg cover

    The original NIU waterproof leg cover is ideal for protection against rain. Suitable for all NIU N models. High-quality original accessories for the NIU N models.

  • electric moped niu phone holder

    NIU Bike Phone Holder

    Original NIU Mobile phone holder with mirror attachment. Adjustable and easy to install.

  • niu original e moped windshield

    Original NIU Windshield (N-Series)

    Only for N-Series models.

    Drive more comfortably with the windshield that will keep out the wind. The windshield is made of robust, clear acrylic to offer clarity and strength.


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