Original Big NIU Storage Box (N and M Series)

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Large 29Ltr NIU Tail box which can easily hold your crash helmet. Comes in various colours to match your NIU Scooter.

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Original NIU storage box for NIU N-series and M-series (Click here for the U-series Storage Box). The rear bracket is required for mounting.


One of the biggest disadvantages when travelling long-distance with a motorcycle is the fact that there isn’t enough storage space for all of your stuff.

One of the best solutions to this problem is getting an Original NIU Storage Box, which is placed on the back of your e-bike and has enough space for all your essentials. A lot of people are not really fond of top boxes as they feel they ruin the aesthetics of the bike. However, in our opinion, the practicality and convenience of top boxes are well worth it.

The main advantages of an Original NIU Storage Box over panniers and tank bags are the facts that they don’t add width to the bike, have less wind drag, are waterproof, are easy to put on and take off, provide optimum protection for all of your equipment, are lockable, can be used as a backrest, you can strap other items on top of them, and they double as a travel sink.

Available in several stunning bright, branded NIU colours.

Rear top box, big dimensions, available in several colours.

  • Dimensions inside: 442 x 442 x 328 mm
  • Dimensions outside: 455 x 455 x 3455 x 345 mm
  • Weight: 5.3 kg
  • Volume: 29 lt
  • Box includes 2 key, accessories.

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